Participant 4: Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo (OSM), Pavia, Italy / Dr. Cristina Minella 

Organization: OSM is one of the most important university hospital in Italy, involved in several international trials (also co-funded by Italian Health Ministry, Europe and FDA) also in the field of pain therapy.
Pain Therapy Service (PTS) research is actively involved in several multidisciplinary approaches focused on tailoring pain therapy according to patients’ and diseases’ features.
PTS is coordinating 3 genetic clinical studies (NCT01233219, NCT01233752, NCT00916890) in order to identify new genetic biomarkers predictive of pain intensity and of responsiveness (efficacy and safety) to pain treatments. PTS is also managing 3 Italian registries for the evaluation of safety of most common analgesic treatment for pain.

Team: Dr CE Minella (MD), Dr M De Gregori (biologist), Dr M Zorzetto (biologist). They have pluriannual experience in the field of pain and genetics as demonstrated by more than 20 papers published in peer reviewed journals in the last 5 years. Experience and Facilities: PTS accounts for more than 1000 patients with acute and/or chronic LBP examined each year collaborating with all other specialties for a multidisciplinary approach. PTS has available all the facilities for a complete evaluation and treatment of patients with low back pain. PTS performs about 30 diagnostic/therapeutic blocks each week. Our genetic laboratory is equipped with all needed instruments and facilities.

Main Tasks: Enrolment and clinical evaluation and stratification of patients with LBP. Genetic and inflammatory evaluation of patients who will undergo epiduroscopy.

Leader: WP1 for the first 16 months of the project; Participant: WP2, WP3, WP7.