Participant 7: “Yurii Aulchenko” consulting (YuriiA), Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Prof. Yury Aulchenko. 

Organization: “Yurii Aulchenko” is a young SME (registered March 2011) specialized in providing expertise in biostatistics and statistical genomics. The activities of this SME include teaching and training, advise on organizational and technical infrastructure, optimal design of experiments and analysis, methods development and software implementation of these methods. The SME also provides on-demand methods and software development and data analysis.

Relevant Competencies and Experience: Dr. Yury Aulchenko has more than a decade of track record in analysis of complex human traits, including omics traits (metabolomics and, recently, glycomics) and use of genomic data for predictive testing. He is a co-authors of >170 publications (including three in Nature and twenty in Nature Genetics), which were cited >8000 times (h-index of 44). Dr. Yury Aulchenko has experience in development of new statistical methods, fast approximation of complex statistical models, their software implementation and practical application of resulting software to wide range of complex traits. He is a coordinator of the “GenABEL project for statistical genomics” (

Main Tasks: YuriiA will coordinate WP6 aimed at the identification of biomarkers and potential theurapeutic targets through the analysis of highly dimensional ‘omics’ data sets. YuriiA will also be actively involved in WP3 dedicated to the investigation of genetics and epigenetics of low back pain, and – in a coordinating and advisory role – other WP’s that include statistical analysis.
Leader: WP6; Participant: WP3, WP4, WP5, WP8.