Participant 9: IP RESEARCH CONSULTING SASU (PHOTEOMIX), Paris, France / Dr Iain Pemberton. 

Organization: IP Research Consulting SAS, a privately-owned, research intensive SME based in the Paris region since 2005, offers proteomics based research services in biomarker discovery under the commercial name of Photeomix Protein Discovery ( Photeomix is specialized in the discovery and validation of biomarkers based on post-translational protein modification activities. The team led by Dr Iain Pemberton recently launched proprietary Activomics® platform which combines multiplex protein modification enzyme activities with capillary microfluidics and mass spectrometry to provide a comprehensive analysis of post-translational modification activities linked to disease. In addition to ongoing biomarker research projects, Activomics® coupled with new developments in fragment based drug design, is charting the differential druggability of the proteome as a key point in development and validation of new drug targets.

Team: Dr Iain Pemberton, Dr Jane MacDougall and Dr Adriana Lepur.

Relevant Competencies and Experience: The team brings extensive experience in protein biochemistry and medical research to the discovery and validation of clinical biomarkers. The complementary skills within the team foster creativity and innovation with the aim to overcome current bottlenecks in the biomarker and drug regulatory approval process. The Activomics platform has gained widespread support from key biotechnology stakeholders to expand the proprietary technology. Photeomix plays a central role in the Paris Region Biomarker Working Group.

Main Tasks: Quantitative analysis of activomics biomarkers linked to pain.
Leader: WP5; Participant: WP6, WP7, WP8.