Scientific publications per year

Authors Title Journal
Christian Compagnone, Fernanda Tagliaferri, Massimo Allegri, Guido Fanelli Ethical issues in pain and omicsresearch. Some points to startthe debate Croatian Medical Journal
Wei Wang, Alyce Russell, Yuxiang Yan Traditional Chinese medicine and new concepts of predictive, preventive and personalized medicine in diagnosis and treatment of suboptimal health EPMA Journal
Andrea Burri, Soshiro Ogata, Jelle Vehof, Frances Williams Chronic widespread pain Pain
Momi SK, Fabiane SM, Lachance G, Livshits G, Williams FM. An omics investigation into chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain reveals epiandrosterone sulfate as a potential biomarker Pain
Momi SK et al Neuropathic pain as part of chronic widespread pain: environmental and genetic influences Pain 2015
Williams FM et al Joint Stiffness Is Heritable and Associated with Fibrotic Conditions and Joint Replacement PLoS One 2015


Physician’s news by The Croatian Medical Chamber, 23.6.2015